Divine Beloved!

Are you ready to be initiated into a world of exquisite and orgasmic empowerment? If you are, please keep reading.

It takes pure courage to lead a life of love and integrity. It is my deep desire to support you to experience the most fulfilling, purposeful and creatively expressed yum life imaginable.

Allow me to share with you my practices and intuitive mentoring to guide you to experience the most orgasmically self loving and empowered life. I’ve found that the most value I can offer is nurturing and cultivating orgasmic energy over a 3-6 month period to make it the most enjoyable and lasting experience possible. If this is something you’re interested in exploring, please continue reading and follow the instructions below.

Are you currently experiencing:

  • Not absolutely and totally in love with your body/self?
  • Challenges in sustaining deep intimacy in relationships?
  • Struggling to communicate your desires and/or boundaries with ease and grace?
  • Sexually disconnected/frustrated/unfulfilled/unsatisfied?
  • Having issues being vulnerable and/or being your most intimate self?
  • Struggling with shame and or guilt?
  • Suffering from body image issues?
  • Suppressing your own creative energy?
  • Difficulties understanding/integrating the wisdom of your emotions?
  • Difficulty in feeling multiple orgasms

In our session(s) you will experience:

  • Mind blowing boost of self love that spills infinitely in your life
  • The orgasmic power of emotional wisdom, balance and mastery
  • An increase in your ability to become multi-orgasmic
  • The reciprocal sharing of deep & unbridled love for self and those you love
  • Communication tools that allow you to explore your sexuality whilst keeping you safe and open
  • More creative and exotic inspiration flowing through you
  • Learning Tantric Yogic techniques to inspire your meow stamina and the pleasure of your beloved(s)
  • Leading a life with abundant intimacy and sexually fulfilling relationships!
  • Embodying your inner Sex God/dess!

It’s time to release that which no longer serves you and tenderly whip you into your holistic and orgasmic sexuality!

To explore if we’re both a great fit to work together, please schedule a 90 minute breakthrough session block below.

By scheduling a breakthrough session, I agree to the following:

  1. I am ready to master the exotic and most intimate aspects of my life.
  2. I am 100% committed to achieving my desires and goals.
  3. I am currently able to invest in myself financially without harming myself or my family.
  4. I agree to adhere to the 36-hour cancellation policy and will email iX-CheL Sandivel at ‘ix@sandivel.com‘ if I need to reschedule or cancel appointment.
  5. I know that iX-CheL Sandivel has the right to refuse sessions if she feels applicants are not a fit or is on her moon cycle.
  6. Fill out my mentorship intake questionnaire here.
  7. Schedule my complimentary breakthrough session  here: https://ixchelsandivel.youcanbook.me/


“I consider Ix-Chel a modern day priestess. Unafraid, unabashed, uncensored. There is nothing about her presence that resembles shame, restriction or diminution. She is a matriarch in maiden form. Her openness an inspiration.

I met Ix-Chel at a time when every area of my life was changing, growing and in abundance, except my sex and love life. This was an untouched key, still repeating negative patterns from my childhood wounds taken into adult life as a wife, mother and lover. With Ix-Chel’s coaching, I was able to see and go beyond my fears, self-consciousness and limiting beliefs of my role as a sexual being. I was able to start to take care of myself and love myself in the deepest sense of the word. Through her Sensual Surrender Playshop I was initiated into the fun of seduction, the expression of delight, and the opening of my ecstatic self. My old beliefs became like a mirage, whilst I experienced the limitless possibility of individual self-expression in this safe space. I trusted Ix-Chel every step of the way as one who embodies these qualities. She holds a sacred space to explore oneself. I chose a culminating private ritual with Ix-Chel, my own version of surrender, and through that deep trust of Ix-Chel in her Devine Priestess role, was able to break through to experience myself fully in timeless ecstasy. I am both grateful and honored for her giving and for my receiving.”

IX-Chel has completely changed my life for the better. As a result of IX-Chel’s coaching I have been able to completely let go, of two self destructive habits.

One of them, smoking, I had given up so many times before, sometimes successfully for years but each time I would continue to be tempted by cigarettes and would be aware of the desire to smoke very often in my periods of abstinence, that lasted up to three years in the past. I have now given up for almost two years and apart from the first few days I never even think about cigarettes anymore.

The other, drinking. I definitely drank more red wine than I needed. I now only drink very occasionally and don’t have a craving for it, unlike before.

These are two dramatic shifts and yet IX-Chel’s tantric coaching and training has and is still transforming every aspect of my life. I once again feel and believe that anything is possible, that I can manifest whatever I desire and need and that I deserve to receive everything good and pleasurable in the world.

Ixchel is highly skilled, intuitive, and a natural coach and healer. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Darius Fisher


Ix-Chel’s has a powerful reverence for the sacred feminine. In her ethereal, yet grounded presence, she embodies both the nurturing and empowering aspects of Goddess. Her deep love for Sisterhood gave me an experience of the healing that can be found when women come together to support one another. Her coaching work sparked within me the remembrance of my own indwelling Divinity. She has encouraged me to reframe so many of my conceptions of what it means to be a woman, and see my Womanhood as a gift to myself and the people I contact in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance to any woman who wants to take a deep dive into her unique expression of Feminine Power.

Christy Flowers

Elite Certified Tantric Educator (CTE), Santa Cruz, CA

Words aren’t enough to describe the ecstatic transcendental feeling I had in sharing this evening with you and my fellow divine dakini sisters!!! Thank you for being YOU and thank you to the universe for you coming into at such a vulnerable, sacred, emotional, transitional and precise time in my life. I so acknowledge you and your beautiful, open, raw, ecstatic, yummy, divine spirit! I am beyond grateful that you have allowed and welcomed me with such an open, full and loving heart that it makes me want to cry! I will never forget this event and will forever hold it in a special place in my heart. I look forward to many more connections with you and my sisters and can’t wait to see what is in store!!

Nikki Darling

Cake Designer, Dom's Delights, Los Angeles, CA

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